Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does America Still Have Heroes?

Children consider heroes to be fictional heroes like batman and superman and then some people consider our political leaders to be our heroes, but that's not who i consider heroes. Our heroes are our families and the people closest to us, who care and love for us unconditionally. The people closest to us are our heroes because their the ones who bring us up when we're down, they understand you when your not even certain you understand yourself, and most of all they love and care for you without regret or hesitation.
Families are the heroes in our lives. The only people you can count on to save you anywhere from a bad hair day to a broken heart to a death in your family. They are bound to you by a force that is just impossible to break, they are bound to you by love. It's not only your immediate family that you consider family it's your friends as well that are truly like family. They can do the same for you as your immediate family, they're the heroes not the characters from books or the political leaders. Our families are very important to us.
Have you ever had a moment when you thought to yourself, "who have i become?" or "why am i being this way," your family is the people to help you understand yourself when you can't. Family is a very important assest in my life and could have that feeling too. Your heroes are the people that save you and understand you when you can't do it for yourself. Just don't under estimate the power of family love and unity.
People in this world go years without being satisfied and they are usually depressed but that's only because they haven't experienced love yet. I'm not talking about love from a boyfriend or girlfriend, I'm talking about love from family and friends. When you feel their unconditional love and care you are over the moon in happiness and you feel like your on top of the world. That feeling lets you know that those people are the true heroes in your life.
Therefore your family and friends or at least the people closest to you are your heroes not those fictional characters or the political leaders. I'm not saying their not heroes in their own ways but they're not our true heroes. I believe that the influence of our families makes us who we are not the people that we read about in fictional books and not even the people that lead our country.